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These Are Some Really Big Cats

big cat habitat sarasota fl

Big Cat Habitat Sarasota FL

Kay Rosaire, the founder of Big Cat Habitat Sarasota FL, has over 30 years of experience rescuing and handling exotic animals.

But that is only a fraction of the story for the Rosaire family. The Rosaire family has been handling exotic animals for nine generations.

The Big Cat Habitat Sarasota FL has been a non-profit organization since 2005. And with tigers, lions, bear, primates and birds are the habitat, it’s way more than just big cats.

But the real reason to visit the Big Cat Habitat is the Big Cat Encounter shows every day at 2:00 PM.

The show begins with an acrobatic demonstration by dogs from the local shelter. Clayton, the handler, talked about the dogs.

“If you and your family are looking for a pet, there are plenty of dogs that need rescuing at your local shelters.”

Soon after, the big cats make their majestic entrance into the caged area.

“Give it up for Barry White,” says Clayton, as a giant white tiger mounts his perch. Clayton has the appropriately named Barry White perform tricks, jumps and impressive growls.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Mia, a liger, also joins the show. Clayton talked about Mia.

“Ligers are so unique because they only occur in captivity,” he says. “They are super rare.”

The Big Cat Habitat Sarasota FL rescues these exotic animals from unfortunate circumstances.

“For most of our animals here, we were their last hope,” says Clayton. “People buy these animals and do not know how to care for them.”

Since these animals have an expensive diet, donations at the end of the show are always greatly appreciated.

Come support a great cause at Big Cat Habitat.

Big Cat Habitat is located at 7101 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, FL. For more information or to look at a schedule, visit the Big Cat Habitat website or call (941) 371-6377.