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Rum: It’s Not Just for Pirates Anymore

drum circle distilling sarasota fl

Drum Circle Distilling Sarasota FL

When you think of award-winning rum, you might have pictures of the Caribbean or other island countries in mind.

The truth is, Siesta Key Rum is making some of the best rum in the world right here in Sarasota, Florida.

To see how this distinctly local rum is made, Drum Circle Distilling opens its doors to the public for a fully narrated tour of the distillery and tasting room.

Quality Over Quantity

When you enter the distillery, you will see the stills and other components connected, resembling a high tech science laboratory. Well, that’s because making rum is a science.

But some of the stuff that makes Siesta Key Rum so good is surprisingly simple. Dave, our distillery tour guide, let us in on a secret.

“People always want to know what makes our spiced rum so good,” he says. “Well, it’s because we actually use real spices.”

And the spiced rum isn’t the only rum getting this treatment. Dave talked about the coconut rum.

“A lot of other rums will use an extract or a natural coconut flavoring for their coconut rum,” he says. “We literally use hundreds of pounds of shredded toasted coconut.”

While this method delivers a better rum, it does leave the distillery with hundreds of pounds of shredded coconut leftover. Drum Circle Distilling found the solution on one of the tours.

“We had a guy raise his hand during a tour and ask if he could have the leftover coconut,” says Dave. “He was a local farmer and now uses it as feed for his animals.”

Bottoms Up

After the tour, the tasting room is opened for, you guessed it, tasting Siesta Key Rum. Here you can buy bottles of the good stuff to take home.

A unique advantage to buying from the distillery is that every bottle has a special stamp on it that relates to a local cause. A fraction of the sale price goes to benefit local marine life research and other efforts.

Come see why the Herald-Tribune calls Siesta Key Rum “the best rum on the planet.”

Drum Circle Distilling is located at 2212 Industrial Blvd, Sarasota, FL. For more information, visit the Drum Circle Distilling website or call  (941) 702-8143.