Serious Tea, Not for the Serious

get loose tea sarasota fl

Get Loose Tea Sarasota FL

Get Loose Tea & Art takes its name from loose tea leaves and the motto of its owner:

“We have serious tea, but not to be taken too seriously,” says Lisa Feistel, who opened the shop in 2015.

The first of its kind in Sarasota, people come to sit and sip tea and look at all the local art that lines the walls – and is all for sale.

Specialty teas can take up to six minutes to brew and are served at a leisurely pace to put you in the mood to relax.

Black teas and herbal blends are custom made, with love and fun, in-house. White, green and black varietals come from one plant and are thus called teas. Anything blended is called a tisane, better known as an herbal tea.

(Lesson learned.)

Monthly tea tastings are a fun time to check out the shop and learn the health benefits of the various teas.

Have a sweet tooth? Nothing you drink here has any added sugar. But Lisa does keep sweeteners in stock to keep you sugar lovers happy.

Her claim to fame? She makes the best smoothie in town, an unbelievable organic Matcha Green Tea version.

Get Loose is also giving back – donating 10% of net profits to nonprofit organizations dedicated to stopping the ivory trade and unfair treatment of wildlife, including elephants.

Get Loose is located at 136 S. Pineapple Avenue in Sarasota FL. For more information, visit the Get Loose Tea website or call (941) 953-2444.