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Get Hopped Up on Local Brew

jdubs brewing company sarasota fl

Jdubs Brewing Company Sarasota FL

Local breweries are becoming more and more popular recently. With so many popping up, it can be daunting to wonder which ones are the best. When you walk into Jdub’s Brewing Company, you don’t have to wonder.

Jeremy, the Owner and CEO of Jdub’s Brewing Company, is an Army veteran who left his Washington D.C. job for a lifelong dream of opening his own brewery in Sarasota, Florida. Since opening in 2013, Jdub’s Brewing Company has been part of the neighborhood story for beer lovers in Sarasota.

The brewery itself is attached to the Jdub’s Taproom, where there are plenty of long wooden tables at which to sit and, of course, a bar fully stocked with the latest brew. From the Taproom, you can peer through the tall glass windows into the brewery itself — you get to see how it’s made!

Tony, the Taproom Manager, talked about the mission of Jdub’s Brewing Company.

“We just want to make a great high-quality beer,” he says. “But we also try to connect with the community. We help with beach cleaning events and other community efforts.”

And it’s not just about what they’re doing in the community away from the brewery. Taylor, the Social Media Manager, talked about their efforts to create a sense of community at the brewery.

“We try to make this a family-friendly environment,” he says. “We’re dog-friendly and everything. We also do yoga and run club events right here at the brewery. It’s way more than just beer.”

The accolades for Jdub’s Brewing Company have started to pour in since 2013.

“Our Poolside Kolsch beer won a Gold Medal at the US Beer Open in the German Kolsch category,” says Tony. “It’s good to have that validation.”

The sky seems to be the limit for Jdub’s Brewing Company, as the brewery continues to grow.

“We’re doing about 10,000 barrels per year,” says Tony. “And that number has been doubling every year.”

Visit the distinctly Jdub’s Brewing Company and sample a flight or fill a growler today!

Jdub’s Brewing Company is located at 1215 Mango Ave, Sarasota, FL. For more information, visit the Jdub’s Brewing Company website or call (941) 955-2739.