French Cuisine at Lolita Tartine

lolita tartine sarasota fl

Lolita Tartine Sarasota FL

When Christoph Coupelle, owner of Lolita Tartine, opened in 2013, he was determined to bring “a new concept to this town that was interesting and different, but one that would also attract people to come to this side of town.”

What is a tartine? A Tartine is an open-face sandwich on rye bread. Robert, a server at Lolita Tartine, is a huge fan.

“Tartines are the best because they are filling, but not too filling,” he says.

But just simply making sandwiches wasn’t going to cut it for Christoph Coupelle. He had a fresh perspective for Lolita Tartine.

“Our goal with opening Lolita Tartine was to make our food fresh and artistic because Europe makes their food that way,” he says. “That’s part of the reason our sandwiches are named after famous artists and wines.”

Although the tartines are a highlight on the menu, they certainly aren’t the only thing flying from the kitchen. You can also find several varieties of paninis, giant salads bursting with color and flavor, daily homemade soups, feuilltés and an eclectic selection of wines, including imports from France. Coupelle insists that his wine selection is something that is important to him as a Frenchman.

“The French wines hold my favorite tastes,” he says. “I’m born like this. It’s not to be pretentious. I genuinely love it.”

If the tartines left room for dessert, that’s not an accident. Lolita Tartine has an extensive selection of bakery items and desserts.

“All desserts, bread and croissants are made fresh daily in our kitchen,” says Christoph. “We call the kitchen ‘the lab.’”

And Christoph kindly reviewed the nutrition facts with us.

“They are all diet free, but don’t be afraid to gain an ounce,” he says. “That will just make you more to love.”

Keeping the guests laughing and happy is part of Christoph’s mission at Lolita Tartine.

“The guests are so nice and we like to make sure that the customers are not just served,” he says. “We like to joke and have fun with our guests.”

So grab a chair and enjoy an effortlessly authentic European experience at Lolita Tartine.

Due to its popularity, Lolita Tartine gets busy during Fall, so be sure to make a reservation for dinner.

Lolita Tartine is located at 1419 5th St, Sarasota, FL 34236. For more information or to look at a menu, visit the Lolita Tartine website or call (941) 952-3172.

-Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels