Meet Me in the Beer Garden

Mandeville beer garden sarasota fl

Mandeville Beer Garden Sarasota FL 

This is a place for beer drinkers who are curious about their beer. Not for guzzlers, but for those inquisitive imbibers who care to learn about the unique combinations of hops and barley responsible for their buzz on a warm summer’s day.

It’s a great spot, with great beer and great people.

Owner Rebecca Mandeville, from whom the bar takes its name, is from Germany, from whence beer gardens (biergartens) took theirs.

We took the fact that she’s German to mean the girl knows a thing or two about beer.

If the drinking of beer isn’t enough for you, there are lots of activities to keep you busy – from the ubiquitous Cards Against Humanity to traditional card games, outdoor ping pong to books about beer that educate while you hydrate.

Bottled and canned beers are available, and their popular beer flights are the perfect way to find your new favorite. There are even Gluten-free options.

Come during Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, when small plates are $5, all draft beers are $1 off and the Featured Beer of the Week is $2 off.

Sample small plates include Rueben or Kimchi Eggrolls, Chili or Veggie Poutine Fries and Beef or Black Bean Sliders.

The beer garden’s regular menu (served every day except Tuesday when the wood-fire Polpo Pizza truck comes) is varied and extensive, featuring everything from Homemade Tomato and Alphabet Soup to the Chopped Baby Kale, Buffalo Mozzarella & Black Quinoa Salad to more filling Half Pound Burgers and Homemade Sausages, with an amazing list of toppings.

Speaking of those big-daddy burgers … they’re only six bucks on Wednesdays.

During the season, Mandeville Beer Garden is a great place to watch the football game. Any other time, it’s just a great place to be.

Closed on Mondays, Mandeville Beer Garden is located at 428 N. Lemon Avenue in Sarasota FL. For more information, please visit the Mandeville Beer Garden website or call (941) 954-8688.